Friends with Style #2

Kelsey 1 Kelsey 2 Kelsey 3 Kelsey 4 kelsey 5 Kelsey 6 Kelsey 7 Kelsey 8This is Kelsey. She rocks what i’d call “relaxed edgy”. And i know you don’t need this abundance of pictures just to see one outfit but she was workin’ it so i got a little over excited a took about a million pictures : )

How has your weekend been?




Just Catching Up on Some Downton Abbey

And I can’t help but swoon over the style of 1914 England. So glamorous.

The hats. You guys! THE HATS!

Please, do join the swooning : )
Downton Abbey Downton Abbey Downton Abbey Downton Abbey
And then there is the marvelous Maggie Smith.
Downton Abbey Maggie Smith
If I ever get to work with this remarkable lady I will consider myself a success. #thatsthedream

Happy Gross Monday!

Some Style for your Snowy Day.

LC feb 2 LC feb 3LC febLC Feb Feet

Hello Guys!
I wore this outfit to church a couple of weeks ago and got so many compliments : )
I think its the mix of girly [the sweater] and edgy [those SA-WEET boots]
This is my go to. The girly – edgy mix.

In other news — i wear my hair like this often; as i don’t have many options right now with it being so short. People ask me how to do it allll the time. Its really very simple but I’m thinking of doing a quick tutorial on it. So keep a look out for that ; )
Oh yeah and my hair is brown now, so that’s cool.

So what is YOUR go to style?


Fav. Spring Trends

Fav. Spring Trend
Okay, so to be honest, I have negative $200 to spend on clothes this Spring. But that isn’t going to keep me from absolutely loving some of the trends coming up. This one in particular I am a huge fan of!
The Full Flared Skirt & Crop Top mix.
Its a classic and always a winner. It can be so girly, flirty, and fun but is perfectly modest which is a hard combo to find. You can Class it up or Chill it down. it.


It has been crazy lately friends!
I have had papers and quizzes, exams, a midterm…just a hot mess of work to do.
HOWEVER, as i am wrapping up my schoolwork load this evening i am also preparing for an awesome wedding weekend!!
YAY!! So excited for my wonderful friends Rachel and Travis getting hitched on Saturday : )

Anyway!After all this busyness i have left you waiting for far too long.
SOO this is a little something to tide you over until i get back on top of things next week.

I call it: “The day my head disappeared.”

Casual Outfit Casual OutfitStrollCasual Outfitoxfords

Top: Lumiere; Tank: Walmart; Jeans: Mango; Shoes: F21

That’s what i get for making weird faces at the one holding the camera.ha ha HA!
Oh well, you still get the gist.
Its chill//casual//comfy all that stuff.
Have a wonderful weekend guys!