Hillsong Concert and Prayer

HSC2 HSC1 HSC HSC3Alright guys, this is directly from my prayer journal so its gunna be pretty personal and kinda cheesy but that’s okay Jesus likes when I get cheesy with Him because I’m a pretty cheesy person : ) Anyway, the concert was an amazing experience and one I am so thankful I was able to be a part of. Musical Worship may be my favorite thing in the world! It is so spiritually refreshing. I get lost in praise and my mind goes almost completely blank; the only thought left lingering is the one of utter adoration for my Savior. This is quite a rare and precious experience for my vehemently chaotic mind. I wanted to share about the great night and I thought this was a lovely way to paint the picture for you. I wrote this right after getting home.

 Jesus, tonight during the concert i was praying for Your power to be seen. For Your Majesty to be unmistakable. For those that do not yet see that You are Lord to not be able to deny You any longer.
& Jesus, just a couple songs later i was worshiping–my eyes closed– i started noticing that i could still see so much. The brightness of the lights. The lasers shining off the stage. They were piercing through my closed eyes. The fact that light was there just outside of my shut lids; it was unmistakable. Undeniable.
& I smiled Jesus! I became warm with the symbolism of it all. Because of You Jesus even when i try to close you out even when i push You away, Your love for me is undeniable and i can see it.
Because of The Cross, Your radical grace, and Your blood poured out for me I see Your love always. You have chosen me, Jesus, to show mercy and love towards and i can not sing loud enough of all my love for You, God.
I pray Lord that everyone would know You this way.

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