It has been crazy lately friends!
I have had papers and quizzes, exams, a midterm…just a hot mess of work to do.
HOWEVER, as i am wrapping up my schoolwork load this evening i am also preparing for an awesome wedding weekend!!
YAY!! So excited for my wonderful friends Rachel and Travis getting hitched on Saturday : )

Anyway!After all this busyness i have left you waiting for far too long.
SOO this is a little something to tide you over until i get back on top of things next week.

I call it: “The day my head disappeared.”

Casual Outfit Casual OutfitStrollCasual Outfitoxfords

Top: Lumiere; Tank: Walmart; Jeans: Mango; Shoes: F21

That’s what i get for making weird faces at the one holding the camera.ha ha HA!
Oh well, you still get the gist.
Its chill//casual//comfy all that stuff.
Have a wonderful weekend guys!



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