WOW! That’s so 90’s

Guys! Can i just tell you how ecstatic i am that 90’s grunge has finally made its comeback!! My amazing church community group had a 90’s themed party this past weekend that just hit me right in the childhood. I wasn’t able to attend because of work but that didn’t keep them from inspiring me to let out my deeply rooted 90’s child : )




091813 91813 0918 918 0918.

Finding a pair of high-waisted shorts [that cover more than bathing suit bottoms] proved to be a Herculean task for me over the last year but took all of 10 minutes for the lovely friend that kindly donated these to my closet.  This is just the beginning of there reformation from some intense Mom shorts. I am pretty pumped about them : ) I am hoping to distress them a little more and add some studs to the pocket. Do you have any craft ideas for reconstructing cut offs? 


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