The Last of Summer.

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Denim Vest- Thrifted; White Tank- Target; Hot Pink Lace Top- F21; Pants-Belk; Shoes- Target

Is it just me or does time seem to go faster as we grow up? I refuse to believe i have actually “grown up”. I’m still a child in just about every way…but that’s a topic for another post. I feel like time hasn’t even really been passing as much as it is being sucked away from me. This is just about the only con to really enjoying where you are in life. Time really does fly when you are having fun! The last year and a half have just been a big blur of awesomeness! There were some tears [[ to be expected from a girl that cries during car commercials]] but many more laughs. Anyway, i guess the start of a new season always brings on the euphoria of past ones. Nothing like starting fresh : ) and even though i’m bummed to lose the cook outs by the pool, we get to dive into the PUMPKIN flavored season! YAY!


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