Around here we have been settling into the new season with hot cider candles, baked apples and our first pumpkin decoration.  On my runs i have noticed more yellow leaves in my path and at night there has been a crisp in the air that forces me to open the window and be lulled to sleep by the white noise of nature. Pure bliss you guys. Pure bliss. ANYWAY. On to the fashion : )

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I am SO pumped for the chunky sweater + maxi combo this Fall.

What trends are you excited for?


WOW! That’s so 90’s

Guys! Can i just tell you how ecstatic i am that 90’s grunge has finally made its comeback!! My amazing church community group had a 90’s themed party this past weekend that just hit me right in the childhood. I wasn’t able to attend because of work but that didn’t keep them from inspiring me to let out my deeply rooted 90’s child : )




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Finding a pair of high-waisted shorts [that cover more than bathing suit bottoms] proved to be a Herculean task for me over the last year but took all of 10 minutes for the lovely friend that kindly donated these to my closet.  This is just the beginning of there reformation from some intense Mom shorts. I am pretty pumped about them : ) I am hoping to distress them a little more and add some studs to the pocket. Do you have any craft ideas for reconstructing cut offs? 

Happy Thursday<3


Top: F21; Skirt: Old Navy; Shoes; Target; Bangles: F21

Today’s Notes:

  • Get some new material. Hand in the hair is cute and all but lets change it up a bit.
  • Black and White is a delightful photo choice but probably not the most effective for an Outfit Post. Meh–live and learn.
  • You may think waving at the people starring at you while getting your picture taken will  make it less awkward…you’re wrong.HA! Who knew?
  • There’s a day in early Autumn when you realize that you’ve lost all traces of a tan and have returned to that, ever so lovely, ghostly white. Today was that day.
  • Picking favorite pictures of yourself is a weird task. But i like to offset the weirdness by watching Toy Story simultaneously : )

Seasons of Singleness. Part 1


If he wants her just for her body, that splits her. It means that she is good to him only for a part of her. That’s why when she’s slept with him, she wants to know where the relationship is headed. She wants to be integrated. She craves it. She wants to know that he will be there in the morning, and the next morning, and the next morning. She wants to know that beyond sex, he loves her, he wants her—all the time.”

There are many different seasons that come and go in the single life. For the past couple of years that season for me has mostly been one of contentment and peace. This calming knowledge that God has me in His hand. That I am being loved for a cared for in ways I can not comprehend and most of the time am not even aware of. This is a great season to be in.

Then, without the slightest warning of its arrival. A door has been smashed in and at once i become so aware of this consuming desire. A deep dehydration of a thirst i didn’t even know i had. It starts with a nice guy complimenting your appearance. Then a compliment to your quirky personality. Then a long hug because of course you want to be embraced by the guy that thinks your the greatest thing since sliced bread…even if he doesn’t know the Lord and you know that by doing this you are giving away little pieces of yourself. It feels so unexpectedly needed in that moment. And all the sudden you need more. More validation. More of his reaffirming compliments. More of the momentary peace that comes from being embraced by the one who adores you.

I am in a new season now.

“You want more! You want more! You really like it you want more!” That little girl understands me! That is my exact thoughts when my loving friends [praise Jesus for them] remind me that i must patiently wait for the one He has for me. “But guys! He said i was pretty!…Can’t i just let him tell me I’m pretty a couple hundred more times? This won’t effect my heart at all!” HA! If ever there was an advertisement pushing you to be in Christian community that was it. They remind us of Truth. And truth is, everything up until that point of more more more with a fellow lover of Jesus is beautiful and good. We must not forget that God doesn’t want us to have the thing that is almost beautiful… the thing that is kinda nice in the right light… He wants the real thing for us. The thing that won’t drain us leaving us wanting more. He wants the relationship that leads us back to the fountain that will forever satiate us.

“It is good to find a lover in this life
take her to the waters and never ever leave her dry
But my father always sang this chord
day by day, in every way
Set your eyes upon the Lord
Set your eyes upon the Lord “

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The Colors of Autumn.

Fall Nail Colors

1. Essie- For the Twill of it

2. Essie- Chocolate Cakes

3. Essie- Stylenomics

4. Essie- Sole Mate

5. Essie- Skirting the Issue (oxblood)

Lip colors of Fall

6. Wet N Wild Matte Lipstick- Purty Persimmon

7. Revlon Lip Butter- Pink Truffle

8. Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain- Rendezvous

9. Revlon Lip Butter- Red Velvet

Seeing the trend yet? Deep Rich Shades and Colorful! I LOVE IT!

Quick word of warning: The “Stylenomics” is awesome! However, it is nearly black when applied. I grew to love it though did feel a little mislead. It was advertised to be a deep green which it is in the right light but not all lighting will give this effect.

Also! Only wear the “Purty Persimmon” lipstick and the “For the Twill of it” polish when you want to draw eyes. You’re bound to be a SHOW STOPPER in these daring little gems!

Wear at your own risk ; )

The Last of Summer.

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Denim Vest- Thrifted; White Tank- Target; Hot Pink Lace Top- F21; Pants-Belk; Shoes- Target

Is it just me or does time seem to go faster as we grow up? I refuse to believe i have actually “grown up”. I’m still a child in just about every way…but that’s a topic for another post. I feel like time hasn’t even really been passing as much as it is being sucked away from me. This is just about the only con to really enjoying where you are in life. Time really does fly when you are having fun! The last year and a half have just been a big blur of awesomeness! There were some tears [[ to be expected from a girl that cries during car commercials]] but many more laughs. Anyway, i guess the start of a new season always brings on the euphoria of past ones. Nothing like starting fresh : ) and even though i’m bummed to lose the cook outs by the pool, we get to dive into the PUMPKIN flavored season! YAY!

Awkward 1st Outfit Post.

Ya gotta start somewhere right?!




shirt-Marshall’s//skirt-Target //shoes-F21 // belt-thrifted // watch-Target // bangles-F21

Funny story. This belt fell into my possession during a hunt for clothes for a high school  Tacky Day back in 2007. On a rack of dingy smelly accessories at Goodwill. I pointed to it  and exclaimed “oh my, who in the world would wear this? ITS PERFECT!”  In just a few short months after its debut on that glorious Tacky Day i had fallen in love. Years later. Still together.Happy as ever.